Nurses ranked no.1 in NZ’s most needed occupations

Sep 16, 2020

Recently released New Zealand employment trends place Nurses at the top of the list of New Zealand’s most needed occupations.

Industries with the greatest need are central to New Zealand’s response to the global pandemic. Demand for workers in Psychology, Counselling, Social Work and Child Welfare and Youth and Family Services are also ranked in the top 13 of a latest report. Skilled healthcare workers right across occupations continue to be in high demand in New Zealand.

Doug Steel, Senior Economist with BNZ (Bank of New Zealand), says that as health has been a defining theme of 2020, it’s little surprise the Healthcare industry is experiencing an increase in demand for workers in Nursing and Psychology. “I expect that this will continue for some time as healthcare will remain a focus this year,” he says.

The resulting competition for healthcare workers in NZ means that internationally qualified and experienced people are more crucial than ever.

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