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Date: Thursday 23rd February 2021
Duration: 30 mins

Moving to New Zealand is a dream for many and a reality for some.

This year Working In Health celebrates two decades of helping people move to one of the most beautiful and safest countries on earth.

Join us for 30 insightful minutes and learn the most important aspects of emigrating to New Zealand including:

  • Why you need to find out if you’re eligible to apply for permanent residency, as a first step.
  • Immigration update. What is the best route to take to get a visa and permanent residency?
  • Future changes to immigration policy and what this means.
  • How to get started on your road to New Zealand.


Scott Mathieson
Co-founder of Working In New Zealand, Scott has over 20 years’ experience in assisting people with their move Down Under.

Paul Goddard
Immigration Adviser and Move Specialist. Paul left the UK in 2003 and has spent 17 years Down Under. He is currently living back in the UK running his special programme designed to assist those moving to New Zealand.

Nassim Lalehzari
Born in the USA, raised and educated in Sydney, Nassim has called Auckland her home for 12 years. She is Head of Immigration at Working In Visas and oversees about 2000 visa approvals processed by her team.

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